me2I grew up on a small family farm outside of Viroqua, WI. Most of my childhood was spent outdoors, climbing trees and working on the farm.  Nature is where I find a lot of my inspiration, and I still enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. I incorporate everyday inspirations into my pottery by using carving, slip trailing and hand building techniques.  I was raised completely surrounded by art. My mother, Kathie Wheeler, made sure I always had pencils and paper, a paint brush, or clay in my hands. It is because of this that I chose to follow my heart and work as an artist.

My first experience with pottery was for a 4th grade history class project.  We had to research a historically significant part of WI history and do a presentation on it.  I chose Native American pottery.  I researched the pots from local museums, dug my own clay from the ground, and hand built pots.  I decorated them with historical influence, and wrote a paper on the pottery.  I still have those pots, and have been hooked on clay ever since!