Art Fairs on a Budget, Part 1: Camping!

Camping at for a show in Charlevoix, at Petoskey State Park in MI (July 2015)


Part 1: Camping!

This weekend, I’m vending at a new art fair! It’s called Art on the Bluffs, and it’s held in Columbia, IL (greater St. Louis area). It’s always nerve wracking trying out new shows, but I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. My husband and I are camping there, and will get to explore St. Louis a little bit!

And speaking of camping, it’s the best.

Traveling for work can get expensive, especially when you’re self employed and your employer (you!) has to pay for it all.  I try to save money where ever I can, so that my profit margins from shows are greater. This summer, camping has been my go-to accommodation. I love to travel with my puppy, so camping is easier than finding a pet friendly hotel. David and I have an awesome new tent (thanks REI wedding registry!) and a camp cook stove. All you need is a tent, a mat and a sleeping bag, and maybe a flashlight. I throw in my hammock, a tarp, camping dishes/tupperware, and I also bring a cooler full of food, so I can cook and pack lunches. And there you go! You have a more affordable trip 🙂

Come back next week for Part 2: Meals on the Go!