Art Fairs on a Budget, Part 2: Camping and Cooking

Hiking at Devil’s Lake last fall.

Good morning! And welcome back to the blog. Today I’m going to share with you two big tips I have for eating while traveling. They may seem sort of obvious, but they are key to saving money while traveling.

I’m a sort-of health nut when it comes to food, although I definitely do have a weakness for french fries…..mmmmm yum…Anyway! I don’t love going out to eat all the time, which is great for saving money, but when you’re traveling that can be the only/easiest option you have.

Tip number one: get a camping cook stove. We have this one, and we love it! Hook it up to a small propane canister and you’re set. You can get it out and make dinner at a rest stop if you need, or you can use it at camp like a mini transportable kitchen 🙂 I like to plan my meals ahead of time when I’m vending at art fairs, because the last thing I want to do after a 10 hour day in the sun is grocery shop and make decisions. My favorite throw together meal is chicken tacos…because I can have everything cut up ahead of time and ready to go, and all I have to do is cook up some chicken and dig in! I’ll bring a cooler with veggies, meat and cheese, and then tortilla shells. I cut up onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and peppers ahead of time and throw them in the cooler in little baggies. Then I saute the chicken, combine it in a shell with the veggies, cheese, and salsa, and bam! Delicious dinner in under 10 min.

Tip number two: get a lunch cooler and bring your own lunches to the show! It can be hard enough to get away from your booth for a quick bathroom break during the day, but trying to stand in a food line at lunch time will be sure to waste at least 20 minutes of your day. Not only are you away from your booth, possibly losing sales (if you don’t have a partner to help out) but you’re also away at a very busy time..for some reason, even though you’d think that shoppers would be eating at lunch time, it’s actually one of the busier times at a lot of art fairs! Bring yourself lots of small things to eat throughout the day, and this way you can be sure to never miss a sale! I like to bring fruit, trail mix, and tuna salad to eat on rice cakes. Yes, I said it. Tuna on rice cakes. It’s surprisingly good! And it can all be prepared ahead of time.

And there you go! Two easy, time saving ways to spend less $$ when you’re traveling for shows 🙂

Lake Superior, Copper Harbor, MI.